Modern BBS for ANSI terminals available now!


I’m working on things that demand the system resources that used to be taken by the BBS. I’ll move it to another machine soon, but it will be a little while.


We recommend different terminals for different situations.

Web Browser Access

Try connecting using SyncTERM (Windows and Linux), MuffinTerm (macOS, iOS, and iPadOS), or My fTelnet (web-based)!

How to connect

Experienced users / other terminals

Connect to house.daviddgtnt.xyz port 23 over Telnet.

SyncTERM / SyncTERM Web Service

Screenshots were taken with SyncTerm Web Service, however, instuctions also work with SyncTERM.

Press the Insert/Ins key or press Enter while selecting the blank space.

Type "DavidDGTNT BBS" into the name field as shown above, then press Enter.

Select Telnet with the arrow keys as shown above, then press Enter.

Type "house.daviddgtnt.xyz" into the addresss field as shown above, then press Enter.

To enter the BBS, use the arrow keys to select DavidDGTNT BBS, then press Enter.

MuffinTerm (iOS/iPadOS)

There are no instructions for macOS. If you would like to make some, please contact me at david at daviddgtnt dot xyz or daviddgtnt on the BBS.

Dialing directory icon

Tap on the screen and tap the dialing directory icon (shown above).

+ icon next to BBS Directory

Choose the + icon (shown above).

Type “DavidDGTNT BBS” into the BBS name field. Type “house.daviddgtnt.xyz” into the server hostname/IP field. The fields save automatically.

To connect, tap the dialing directory, choose DavidDGTNT BBS, and tap Connect.

My fTelnet

Click or tap the "Add a new entry" button.

Type "DavidDGTNT BBS" into the description box. Type "house.daviddgtnt.xyz" into the hostname box. Type "23" into the port box. Leave all other settings the same. Click or tap Save.

To connect to the BBS, click or tap DavidDGTNT BBS.